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How to Find the Blind Spots in Your Social Listening

engagor_ditto_blog_2016-1236Over 2 billion photos are being shared online every day. Sharing pictures with the world has become an important way for customers to quickly share information and put a message across. Many of these photos include customers praising and complaining about their experience with your brand. Sometimes they mention and reach out to you directly – but sometimes they don’t.

If you’re just relying on keywords and hashtags to conduct your social customer service, you’re likely missing hundreds or even thousands of photo mentions that are slipping through the cracks. Beyond how customers are talking about your product or service, you also need to capture the information your customers are visually sharing about your brand on social.

So how can you identify these visual blind spots in your social listening?

The picture below provides a great example of the importance of visual monitoring. Someone took a picture of a FedEx van on the highway without mentioning the brand. With image identification, FedEx could know that someone was taking a picture of their van, and give them other valuable information. For example, the license plate will let FedEx identify which vehicle this is, where it is heading, what cargo it is carrying, and more. Then, FedEx can easily reply to the message and thank the person for spotting their van.

However, if you don’t have the technology in place to spot images that feature your brand, you’re going to miss out.That’s why we have partnered with Ditto to create our newest feature, Visual Listening. Using Ditto’s proprietary image recognition technology, you can now monitor social media and recognize relevant photos.

Image recognition opens up a whole new world of opportunity for your social customer service team to keep tabs on the whole conversation, stay on top of issues, and surprise and delight your customers. They can:

  • Identify, filter and route brand photo mentions to the right department, team or agent for fast follow-up and resolution without @ or keyword mentions
  • Extend your social listening beyond keywords to analyze photos and associated comments for a more complete view of how customers discuss your brand on social
  • Uncover and detect real-time insights about customers and their product usage from organic and original user-generated content

Interested in learning how Visual Listening can work for your and your social customer service team? Contact us for more information.

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