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KitchenAid Improves Speed of Response, Drives 85% Growth in Social Engagement


As one of the most long-standing and respected countertop appliance brands, KitchenAid counts both professional and at-home chefs amongst its highly valued customer base. Social media was originally intended to encourage consumer engagement, but as customers started using it to convey technical support requests, the company realized that its response time to these queries lacked the right level of speed and agility.




Boost speed and quality of response to customers through social media

The company faced a number of challenges:

  • KitchenAid was already using CRM and other tools, but these programs didn’t facilitate the sense of unified visibility that the company wanted to encourage across its entire operation and all social channels.
  • KitchenAid’s creative agency was responsible for monitoring social channels and issues related to technical problems, repairs or deliveries without having access to all other customer-facing channels. This disconnect meant that there was a lack of cohesion and efficiency in responding to customer needs.
  • As part of a larger organization, the KitchenAid brand was involved in a broader digital transformation, which meant that any platform changes would require complex integrations between new and existing technology.



Use a dedicated platform to better understand customer interactions

The company chose to implement a unified social media management and analytics solution. To achieve this goal, it selected Clarabridge CX Social, which provides social listening, assists in rapid social media engagement and empowers teams across multiple departments.

Where once information was siloed, KitchenAid now has a 360° view of customer interactions. Using dashboards, the team can see how quickly it is responding to customers and where questions need to be escalated. In addition, emerging trends in customer feedback can easily be identified, allowing the company to make informed, strategic decisions.

Communications with customers are supported across all channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and the team acts as a conduit that filters feedback, so it can be immediately addressed or directed to the right people in the right department. Before KitchenAid’s implementation of CX Social, its social care team was an isolated entity. Now this team operates across departments and is an integral part of the contact center function.


“With Clarabridge CX Social we can be faster with our product development team and tell them ‘this is what the market needs’ or ‘consumers are looking for this’ and then go ahead and do it.”
—David Moreno, Social Media Manager



Since implementing Clarabridge CX Social, KitchenAid has experienced 85% growth in engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Overall, KitchenAid’s social media fan base has increased by 90%, and as a result, social interactions have rocketed by 143% in just one year. CX Social is also providing KitchenAid with actionable insights related to product design, customer service management and global expansion.

Informing product design

CX Social is helping KitchenAid learn so much more than expected about what customers need, how they cook, how they perceive the brand and its products and what they want from the company. This is having a direct impact on product design and the product development pipeline. Last year, following the launch of a new limited-edition product in matte black, KitchenAid sourced feedback from customers to determine the colour of its next limited-edition product. KitchenAid is enhancing its customer relationships by demonstrating that it is as serious about showing social media followers that their feedback is valued as it is ‘serious about food.’

Accurate Planning

Insights from CX Social data such as customer feedback patterns across all social networks has allowed KitchenAid to maximise customer service team shifts. This means that managers can ensure there is always enough customer service staff available to resolve customer enquiries.

Global Support

Since KitchenAid sells its products throughout the world, CX Social provides multiple language support to help craft suitable customer responses that further enhance the customer experience.



“Clarabridge CX Social has given us a 360-degree view using dashboards that show us how we are responding, where questions need to be escalated, and crucially, the trends in customer feedback that allow us to provide a better, more informed service.”
—David Moreno, Social Media Manager


Learn how KitchenAid Cooks Up a Winner with CX Social, as featured in CRM Magazine. 



Ready to see CX Social in action?

Your customers expect more from you on social media, we can help.

Clarabridge has a range of SaaS customer experience management solutions to help hundreds of the world’s leading brands put customer feedback to work. Amongst these, CX Social enables companies to listen, analyze and gain insight into conversations online and in social media allowing them to develop relationships by identifying and engaging with customers in real time. This is why leading brands trust Clarabridge to power their CX programs and drive a customer focused strategy. The result: better customer experiences. For more information, visit

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Last Updated: November 20, 2018
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