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Creating Positive Shopping Experiences for Happy, Loyal Customers on Social

When QoQa was founded 10 years ago, they immediately embarked on social media and created a basic Facebook page. In the beginning, every employee chipped in and manually managed the different online shops (QoQa, Qooking, Qsport, and Qwine). Nowadays, the company is a successful, profitable business located in Switzerland and has streamlined its social customer service efforts. With the rise of social customer service, QoQa immediately noticed the need to build brand loyalty in the long run and deliver a positive customer experience on a one-on-one level.


Nowadays, QoQa doesn’t broadcast on social media but engages meaningfully and mindfully with their customers:




Streamline & Centralize Social Media Efforts

One of the most challenging aspects of QoQa’s social media presence is standardizing the use of social media throughout the entire company. Everyone needs to be on the same page when dealing with customers through social media. Unfortunately, there was no clear, uniform follow-up procedure on customer questions. That’s why QoQa started the hunt for a tool to pull and organize all data on social media in just one place.


QoQa isn’t just an ordinary eCommerce brand. We have a totally different vision of how we do business than what people expect of eCommerce brands: we don’t just focus on daily affordable offers but also on building a 100% happy, loyal customer base through social customer service and offering the latest top products selected by a team of experts. Each day comes with a totally different offer. Social media is the ultimate place to instantly connect on the fly with our customers and provide a relevant offer tailored to their needs.


Mathieu Pereira – Digital Marketing Manager QoQa



Decluttering the Inbox With Smart Folders

Today, there’s one person responsible for each online shop. Although managing the three Swiss languages (French, Italian, and German) can be quite tricky, QoQa organizes the multi-language incoming messages effortlessly by sorting them under separate Smart Folders. By creating a separate Smart Folder for each shop, QoQa structures the way they reply to all incoming mentions and delegate responsibilities.


Mathieu Pereira, QoQa’s Digital Marketing Manager, is in charge of managing the brand’s social media presence and quickly following up on messages that require an immediate action (e.g. messages that have been in the inbox for more than one hour). He keeps the customer service agents informed and makes sure everyone is agile and on top of their game. QoQa strongly believes in open communication and transparency to make the customer service workflows work.


Interesting Fact: QoQa has a strict Zero Inbox policy. If a mention needs no further action, social media messages will be resolved immediately. They believe that, in order to meet your customers’ needs, it’s crucial to instantly deal with questions and keep your inbox clear of clutter.


CX Social Tip:

Mentions in the Inbox older than one hour? CX Social sends you mobile push notifications or emails as a reminder. SLA alerts allow any social media team member to quickly follow up on any message and keep a close eye on the real-time status of your inbox at all times.




An Integrated Social Media Engagement Strategy

QoQa isn’t just an ordinary eCommerce brand and wants to put their own, unique stamp on their social media presence. Before using CX Social, they didn’t really have a clear view on their social media engagement strategy.

  • How can we reflect our personality on social media?
  • How can we create as many positive customer interactions as possible?
  • And ultimately, how can we create brand loyalty through social media?




CX Social’s Unified Inbox

Thanks to CX Social, QoQa now has a holistic view of how to create a more comprehensive customer experience and provide true value to their customers. By centralizing all aspects of social media management in CX Social’s unified inbox, QoQa is able to dedicate time and attention to each individual interaction and provide all customers with a smooth reply.


One of the key elements in QoQa’s unified engagement strategy is the brand’s tone of voice. It reflects their goofy and quirky personality simultaneously with their core brand values. Another important part is their role as a thought leader in the eCommerce industry. QoQa doesn’t simply showcase their cool set of products, they provide true added value by using the power of professional videos (e.g. a series of wine trips called ‘Qwine on Tour’) to help connect their users with relevant content about their products. That way they also show they’re not just an ‘ordinary’ eCommerce brand. CX Social’s unified inbox plays a key role in this: QoQa not only keeps an overview of all the incoming mentions, but also tracks the performance and content marketing efforts as well


QoQa isn’t just a shop. We’re experts in our field and we look for the best (sometimes local) products available in the market across Europe and Switzerland. We aim for each shop to be the reference for the latest technological products and really push forward our expertise with a lighthearted touch



Create an All around Positive Customer Experience

QoQa wants every customer to be happy and have a meaningful customer experience. This isn’t always easy because every company gets their share of angry customers and faces questions like:

  • How can we turn a negative situation into something positive?
  • How can we increase positive sentiment on social media?



Customer Service Workflows & Sentiment Analysis

Let’s start with the basics: find the right people with the right skills. QoQa hired experts to take on customer support for each shop and language who are able to smoothly handle and deal with angry customers. Their philosophy is simple, yet effective: QoQa personally addresses EVERY customer and try to find an original way to reach out to them.


Even if customers don’t really ask questions or directly address QoQa on social media, the brand still manages to start a conversation or add some words of kindness. With the help of CX Social’s advanced monitoring capabilities, the brand is able to track every mention and seize every opportunity to boost customer sentiment.


Although QoQa has already set up smooth customer service workflows in CX Social, they still manage “non-social” customer service as well through phone or mail. To reduce the number of phone calls and workload on social media, QoQa created a forum with FAQs as a type of self-service customer support. However, QoQa also believes that having an extensive customer forum is not enough: people don’t always want to be obligated to search through a forum for information. They just want to ask questions and get the answer. That’s why they will never try to find the easy way out: every customer is king!


CX Social Tip:

Get the maximum return for your social media efforts: go beyond your own social media profiles and set up an advanced keyword search to not only track ‘@-mentions’ but also grasp the entire scope of your brand on social media. Set up separate projects for campaigns, competitor analysis, industry trends, etc. Discover those conversations that truly matter, and make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities.



Ready to see CX Social in action?

Your customers expect more from you on social media, we can help.

Clarabridge has a range of SaaS customer experience management solutions to help hundreds of the world’s leading brands put customer feedback to work. Amongst these, CX Social enables companies to listen, analyze and gain insight into conversations online and in social media allowing them to develop relationships by identifying and engaging with customers in real time. This is why leading brands trust Clarabridge to power their CX programs and drive a customer focused strategy. The result: better customer experiences. For more information, visit https://cxsocial.clarabridge.com.

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Last Updated: April 27, 2018
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