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T-Mobile Netherlands Cuts Costs While Improving the Customer Experience

T-Mobile Netherlands has always been an active player on social media, initially focusing largely on social forums. But, as social media began to transform into a channel for social care and an outlet for real-time feedback and engagement, T-Mobile Netherlands knew they needed to rethink their overall social strategy:


They needed to be more scalable. The company’s social media agents were operating in silos, scattered across different departments, and in some cases, across different countries. With social media platforms poised to grow in popularity, T- Mobile Netherlands recognized the need for a high performing, collaborative social team.

They needed to have a cohesive, consistent brand voice. T- Mobile Netherlands needed to develop a strong social strategy, including a clear brand identity, across all social channels.

They needed to be more efficient. The company needed to rethink internal processes, such as case management and internal alerting, to make sure that they engaged on social media as quickly as possible. T-Mobile adheres to a response time of less than 1 hour; the team needed to be efficient enough to support the brand promise.



A Dedicated Social Team

T-Mobile Netherlands reorganized their internal teams in order to better meet the challenges of social engagement and social care. They took great care to find the right people for their social media team; a good social media agent must have an affinity for social media, the right tone of voice, and understand the rules of the game.


T-Mobile Netherlands looked both within and outside the company to get a good balance of skills for their new social team. They recruited people from their technical departments, who have a deep understanding of how their products work, and also hired new employees who were experienced in creating social personas.


By 2012, the company’s new social team boasted members with different backgrounds and skills, collaborating together to bring a cohesive, scalable social strategy to life.


A Focus on Efficiency

The team’s next goal was to become even more efficient, so that they could handle the increasing volumes of social data. They turned to Clarabridge Engagor for social media management. With this solution T-Mobile:

  • Handles all social media profiles to ensure a cohesive brand voice and scalability.
  • Follows up and tracks team performance to allow for benchmarking and optimal efficiency.
  • Identifies peaks in social media engagement in order to build a more efficient staffing strategy and resource allocation plan.
  • Manages customer case history so that agents can have a more informed, personalized conversation when the customer.
  • Engages with customers in real-time, enabling the team to abide by their Service Level Agreement (SLA) of responding within an hour using both mobile and cloud based software.


When the new iPhone was released, many people had questions about availability. T-Mobile’s online forum ensured that customers were kept up-to- date. Instead of answering thousands of individual phone calls, one forum post did the trick: customers received immediate assistance and the T-Mobile Netherlands team saved approximately $15,000 on calls into the call center in just this one instance.


A Shift in the Company Mind-Set

Along with re-evaluating their social media team, T-Mobile Netherlands also transformed the way experts across the company interact with consumers. For example, the Ordering & Delivery team is extremely knowledgeable on the ins-and-outs of ordering and delivery of devices. By putting this team directly in touch with customers on the T-Mobile Forum, the company offers immediate, expert engagement:

  • No middle man. Since customers speak directly with the experts, such as the Ordering & Delivery team, they bypass a centralized agent, and instead always receive the quickest and most accurate response possible.
  • Decreased costs. Since the question/answer thread is publicly available on the forum for anyone to see, the T-Mobile team doesn’t have to spend extra time and resources responding to the same question from different customers.
  • An empathetic workforce. Even though a team may not be customer-facing, they can still impact the customer experience. By making sure team members are in touch with the customer, T-Mobile Netherlands is able to create an empathetic workforce that appreciates the value of customer engagement and feedback.


Leading the Way with Social Care

For large companies, developing a cohesive social strategy is always a complex task with lots of moving parts, but T-Mobile Netherlands handled it the right way:

  • They realized early on that they needed to reorganize their teams in order to meet the demands of social media’s growing popularity.
  • They understood the qualities of a good social media agent, and were not afraid to recruit a mix of people dedicated to social engagement.
  • They adopted technology that would help them scale across the company and across social platforms. Most importantly, it helped the team to break down silos and work more collaboratively and efficiently across the company.


Today, T-Mobile Netherlands’ dedicated social media team works hard to deliver fast, helpful, and engaging responses to their social consumers. The company is committed to improving the overall customer experience they deliver, and their social care strategy is leading the way forward.

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Last Updated: April 27, 2018
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