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Paradigm Shift in Social

Companies often focus on social channels as a means of consumer engagement, but today’s most forward thinking brands use them in another way. By recognizing an evolution of these tools in social care and adapting their social strategies to prioritize customer service, businesses can advance alongside a rapidly changing digital market.



Meet Customers Where They Are with WhatsApp

Messaging has changed the way consumers interact with each other, and businesses must do the same or else risk being less customer-centric. As a Business Solutions Provider for WhatsApp, CX Social helps businesses instantly resolve issues and answer questions, send important notifications and offer the best digital customer service via CX Social.



Gain a Competitive Advantage Across Every Communication Channel

The ability to communicate with customers across social channels helps businesses stand apart from the competition by providing consumers with more personalized interactions. Companies like Swiss International Air Lines and General Mills are leveraging CX Social’s comprehensive customer service capabilities to listen, analyze, engage and respond to concerns across every social channel.



The Social Media Powerhouse Behind the Biggest Brands in the World


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