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Social Engagement

Close the Loop to Drive Loyalty

Engage Everyone

CX Social’s quick and effective engagement platform ensures that no reply-worthy mention is missed.

Rapid, Appropriate Response

Conversation history, CRM data and response templates are available at a glance, empowering your team to reply quickly—and on brand. The result: Social Media Engagement made easy. Guaranteed!

Manage Any Volume

Feedback, big and small, deserves a reply. CX Social empowers rapid response times, regardless of your team’s size, even during times of crisis.


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Drive Customer Service Team Success

Customer service leaders need the tools to monitor and ensure success. With alerts, escalation, SLA monitoring and other advanced features, you’ll have the most powerful social media management software on the market at your fingertips.

See the Difference CX Social Makes

Looking for faster social response times and better social issue resolution?