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What is Social Media Reporting Tools?

Social media reporting tools provide insight into social conversations by and about your brand.

It’s a fact: people are talking about your brand, your products, and your service on social channels. Social media reporting tools help you understand what is being said and how your social media efforts are impacting your business. With the right tool you can:

• Collect information about the performance of the social content you are sharing
• Gain a deep understanding of what people think about your business
• Drive action and strategy by taking an in-depth look at the topics and the sentiments being expressed on social media and online review sites

What do social media reporting tools do, and why is it important?

To be successful, social media programs must be data-driven—so you need the right social media reporting tools to collect and measure your social and online presence. You need to be able to see what kinds of posts generate the most activity— likes, shares, and clicks. You need to understand where people are talking, what they are talking about, and how they feel about it. When it comes to social media, you need to be the first to know.

When you have a great social media reporting engine, you can effectively track and measure social engagement and you can advance to offer customer care through social channels with a social customer care initiative.

One thing is certain—you wouldn’t drive without an instrument panel in your car. So, you should not interact on social without a great social media reporting tool. When you have the right solution, you have the opportunity to turn your social campaigns into business results. You can see how revenue or churn spikes in relation to the things you are doing across your social media channels.

Clarabridge's Social Media Reporting Tools

Clarabridge provides social media reporting to support your overall customer experience program. CX Social, our social customer service platform, captures every possible mention of your brand, products and services across all social media channels. It gives you the ability to report on the volume of conversations, and the performance of your social media efforts. It offers you the ability to schedule outbound social engagement and when you’re ready gives you the ability to reduce the cost of customer service with social customer care features that can be used by either marketing or call center agents.

Clarabridge applies text analytics and sentiment analysis to the text within the social media conversations, for detailed reporting on the topics that your customers are talking about. You’ll be able to see when topics start appearing in your data, when they peak, and how your agents handled the situation. Social media reporting tools serve as an early warning system for product flaws and PR nightmares alike. CX Social gives you insights that help your business, from strategic operational changes to better customer engagement online.

Get a demo of your social data in Clarabridge CX Social today.

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